600 music teachers improvise harmony with amazing grace


Six hundred music teachers attending the conference received their impromptu carillon lesson when a speaker asked them to sing Amazing Grace. Dr. Tim Lotzenheiser allowed the music teachers to stand up and sing “Amazing Grace” without words. Instead, she asked her to just sing “Ah”. From there, a completely unrecognizable and what a cute musical show unfolds! Listen to yourself.


Dr. Luzenheiser was the keynote speaker at the 2019 Tempo Conference for Music Teachers in Manitoba, where this spontaneous harmony took place. When he says, “What do you think about harmony?” Teachers are easily transformed into harmonious sound.

People who watched the video commented on the chills they felt during the performance. Ruth Reamer, the teacher who recorded the video, was pleased with her reaction to the video. “Thank you for your positive feedback,” she wrote. “Nothing but here! I am very proud to work as a performing arts teacher and compose great music with all of my classmates. “

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