50 Russian dancers perform a wonderful “summer” dance


Igor Moisiev’s ballet is consistently recognized as the greatest troupe in the world of folk dance, and you will soon see why.

In the next performance, the dancers fill the stage for the “summer” performance to the music of S. Galperin and V. Zmykhov and choreography by the founder of the ballet troupe Igor Alexandrovich Moiseev.

This dance, inspired by Russian folklore, starts with one dancer and one dancer in the center, while 48 other dancers stand behind and watch. The man kicks, kicks and moves like a Russian dancer performing the famous Russian dance of squats and squats, but a little later in the dance.

Soon, the dancers join other male dancers as they stomp, clap, bang with the soles of their feet, and do the squats and stitches typical of Russian folk dance. Women twist, twist and perform complex foot movements. Throughout the performance, the dancers have excellent synchronization and energy.


Moiseev was considered one of the greatest choreographers of the 20th century, creating a character dance, a form very similar to folk dance, but imbued with more theatrical performances. He brought a professional aesthetic to the troupe, which has toured the world and gained an international reputation. Over the years, the company has received many international awards, including the UNESCO Five Continents Medal.

Today, the dance troupe has about 300 dancers performing folk dances like in the video above, as well as ballet dances in one act.

The troupe is currently performing in front of the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow.

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