A 5 Year-Old Boy Writes Letters to the Entire World

Toby is a 5 year-old boy unlike any other. He was inspired to learn more about the world, but instead of getting a book from the library, he got out his pen and paper. Then, he proceeded to write over 200 letters.

You’ll be so moved by his dedication. Here’s a little about him (with mommy’s help):

Hi, my name is Toby, and I am five years old. I want to find out lots about the world, so I would like to write a letter to a person from every country in the world, and get a letter or postcard back. It’s really tricky to find people in every country, but lots of people are helping me – thank you! We look up all countries, and I think of questions I would like to ask. I’m really interested in fossils, archaeology, explorers, history, stars and planets, science, wild creatures, and how people help other people and protect the environment in lots of places all over the world! I also want to know how people live, and what food they eat, and what school is like!


I write all letters by hand. Mummy is looking after this website for me. Each country gets its own page, and you can read all the letters I have written, and all the replies I am getting. I am also raising money for ShelterBox, because they help people all over the world who need help. Thank you for reading about my project!

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