28 Adorable Before & After Photos Of Baby Animals Growing Up. The Last One Left Me In Tears.

“The day we got our puppy, and 11 years later”

beforeandafter4Source: imgur.com

He learned how to look at the camera!

“4 years later – still making trouble”


“Poor guy doesn’t fit anymore after a year”

BA18Source: imgur.com

“15 years: one got chubbier, the other got new glasses”

x7okQtFSource: imgur.com

“My pup and me, four years apart”

BA14Source: imgur.com

This hero rescued a puppy & carried him for 5 months in Afghanistan.

BA9Source: dailymail.co.uk

“My dog and I, 1998 and 2012.”

BA8Source: imgur.com

“10 years and nothing’s changed”

beforeandafter2Source: flickr.com

“My full grown best friend!”


“My Beagle turned 16 today. Had her since she was born.”

beforeandafter3Source: imgur.c

“My first dog Ava 6 months apart!”

BA1Source: imgur.com

“10 years apart. He still thinks he’s just a puppy”

pets-before-after-7-1Source: imgur.com

“What a difference seven months makes”

BA4Source: imgur.com

“Abandoned kitty I found on Christmas Eve, 6 months later!”

BA6Source: imgur.com

“6 months apart. Those beautiful eyes”


pets-before-after-10Source: imgur.com

“3 months later and cuddling is not the same anymore”

pets-before-after-15Source: reddit.com

“17 years later and he still hates pictures”

BA15Source: reddit.com

“One year later, clinging on to the same shoulder”

BA20Source: imgur.com

“He’s sad about not fitting anymore. Just 3 months!”

BA21Source: imgur.com

“My dog Midas and I after a decade together”

pets-before-after-22Source: reddit.com

“She’s quite a handful in more ways than one”


“My brother and my cat in 1993 and 2014. 21 years later.”

P4wTvaRSource: imgur.com

“12 years of friendship”

beforeandafter1Source: kulfoto.com

“Ozzy in at the same spot in spring 2003 and 2013”

gDlP7dVSource: imgur.com

“17 years and going strong!”


“My kitty on his favorite chair as a kitten, and less than a year later…”

beforeandafter8Source: imgur.com

“Her favorite toy, then and now”

beforeandafter9Source: imgur.com

“My dog and I, 15 years later. The day we met, and the day we said goodbye.”

beforeandafter5Source: imgur.com

I believe you can judge someone’s character by how they treat animals. We share amazing experiences with our pets, we go through hard times together, and one day they’re suddenly are all grown up. It’s beautiful , but also a little heartbreaking too. Thank you to all the owners who shared their stories!

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