26 Toothless Celebrity Photos Show Us Why Famous People Really Need Their Teeth.

1. Beyoncé

160409319JW00004_Pepsi_SupeSource: blurbrain.com

2. Miley Cyrus

celebswithoutteeth-2Source: actresseswithoutteeth.net

3. Justin Timberlake

celebswithoutteeth-3Source: imgur.com

4. Amy Poehler

celebswithoutteeth-4Source: imgur.com

5. Kim Kardashian

celebswithoutteeth-5Source: metro.co.uk

6. George Clooney

celebswithoutteeth-6Source: metro.co.uk

7. Zac Efron

celebswithoutteeth-7Source: metro.co.uk

8. Barack Obama

celebswithoutteeth-8Source: imgur.com

9. Sofia Vergara

celebswithoutteeth-9Source: blurbrain.com

10. Drake

celebswithoutteeth-10Source: @toothlesscelebs/twitter.com

11. Adam Levine

celebswithoutteeth-11Source: brigetto.tumblr.com

Still the sexiest man alive?

12. Adam Driver

celebswithoutteeth-12Source: actresseswithoutteeth.net

13. Sex and the City

celebswithoutteeth-13Source: metro.co.uk

14. One Direction


celebswithoutteeth-19Source: @toothlesscelebs/twitter.com

15. Leonardo DiCaprio

celebswithoutteeth-14Source: brigetto.tumblr.com

16. Andrew Garfield

celebswithoutteeth-15Source: brigetto.tumblr.com

17. Kristen Stewart

celebswithoutteeth-16Source: metro.co.uk

18. Nicki Minaj

celebswithoutteeth-17Source: @toothlesscelebs/twitter.com

19. Simon Cowell

celebswithoutteeth-18Source: metro.co.uk

20. Kate Middleton

celebswithoutteeth-20Source: metro.co.uk

21. Jennifer Lopez

celebswithoutteeth-21Source: actresseswithoutteeth.net

22. Mila Kunis

celebswithoutteeth-22Source: blurbrain.com

23. Amy Adams

celebswithoutteeth-23Source: blurbrain.com

24. Hayden Panettiere

celebswithoutteeth-24Source: actresseswithoutteeth.net

25. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson

celebswithoutteeth-25Source: actresseswithoutteeth.net

26. Superstar Selfie from 2014 Academy Awards

celebswithoutteeth-26Source: actresseswithoutteeth.net

Without their pearly whites, some celebrities look much older, others look stoned, and most grinning or laughing faces just look very angry. Really, let’s just leave the teeth in, everyone!

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