These 21 Stunning Photos Will Make You Look Twice. They’ll Mess With Your Sense Of Reality.

Some of the most stunning pieces of art are the ones that look almost, but not quite, real. They make us stop and look again. And again.

Robert Jahns is a photographer whose work is surreal, but has a strange, dream-like quality. It would be impossible for most of his photos to exist in this plane of existence. However, there is an edge to each image, making us wonder…. “Could it be?”


The German art director’s Instagram account (Nois7) and Flickr are full of his incredible photos. After you take one look, you’ll feel like you’re floating through a dream.

Visit Robert Jahns’s website to see more of his incredible work. You can also buy a book full of his photography. For every book that is sold, the artist pledges to donate $10 to charity:water. His generous spirit is almost as inspiring as his incredible work.

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