The 13-year-old rescues the mastiff after the dog hangs up to escape the hot car


Bradley North, 13, was just leaving school with his friends when he noticed a Great Dane in a hot car with no windows open. The teenager went to the dog in alarm to check on him. What happened after that made people call Bradley a hero!

The big dog was so relaxed when he saw Bradley and his friends following him that he even jumped straight out of a closed window and accidentally stopped.

Bradley hurried to the dog and managed to free him from the “gallows” by loosening the dog’s collar. The mastiffs passed out during the test, so Bradley stayed with the dog until he woke up.

Wait 15 minutes for the owner to come back and the dog’s owner was grateful and grateful that he saved the dog.

A 13-year-old boy from Prestwich, England, became a local celebrity after posting pictures of him rescuing a dog on Prestwich People’s Facebook page.

Since his actions have spread, Bradley has received a flood of praise. But Bradley, who owns the Staffordshire Half Terrier, said he would only do what others expected if they saw his dog in trouble.

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