Quiz: What Is Your Emotional Age According To The Colors You See?


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Our world is bursting at the seams with colors of every shade under the rainbow and sun! There are seemingly endless variations of all the primary colors, each is different from the next even if only to the slightest degree. Aspects such as texture, tone, saturation, opaqueness, and more can affect the vibrancy of every hue in the most minuscule and understated ways possible.

Those are just some of the things that affect how we all see colors. But what about the inverse, what does the way we see colors say about us? There are many personality factors which are tied in with our perception of all the reds, yellows, and blues in the world. And while we’re usually completely unaware of the effect they have on us, because it’s so subtle and constant, the way you see colors can actually reveal a lot about you.

One such link happens to exist between our emotional age and how we see color shades, specifically either how bright or dark certain colors appear. You can find out what your approximate emotional age is right now by simply working your way through this color quiz. It sorts out your perceptions of red, yellow, and blue to easily determine what your approximate emotional age is as of right now. Just choose the shade of color that you think is the brighter one for each slide to get your results, it’s that easy, and enjoy!

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