The Youngest Sibling Is Most Likely To Be A Millionaire, According To Science


The Youngest will have the last laugh

#1 The Youngest

It sort of sucks to be the youngest child in the family, because you’re always considered the baby. Your older siblings don’t want you hanging with them, and often pick on you when you’re alone. But worry not, because according to scientists you’ll certainly have the last laugh when you get older…


#2 Money Money Money

Studies from the Universities of Birmingham and Reading says that you’ll make the most money out of the entire family if you’re the youngest!


#3 Passion And Drive

The youngest child is more likely to be a “risk-taking businessmen and women” with “the drive and desire of last-born siblings to rebel against their parents.”


#4 Sweet Revenge!

6,300 British citizens were surveyed, and 49% of the youngest in a family will become self-employed by 38. 43% of the youngest in a three sibling home will do the same. Looks like the “baby” of the family will soon have the last laugh.

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