This Young Girl Left John Foster And The Whole Audience In Awe. Her Voice Is Out Of This World!


Standing on stage wearing a black dress, on a black stage and surrounded by a piano and a full orchestra is Charice Pempengco. She hold the microphone in her hand and close to her mouth as she starts singing the classic song of “All By Myself”. True this song has been sung by many different singers over the years, with different variations by each, but this version will definitely stand out in your head.

She starts the song the classic version with it slowly building to the crescendo at the end. She sings it well, captivating the audience as she will surely captivate you when you hear it. As the song continues to build she lets loose with great vocal range, and has no problem showing off just how powerful her voice truly is. She ends to the applause of the audience and the introduction by the piano player as he too is applauding her great performance. Keep an eye out for Charice as I’m sure we will all hear her beautiful voice some more in the future.

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