World’s heaviest dad loses 100 pounds in seven months. See how he looks


Sean Mulroney is one of the world’s heaviest men weighing up to 687 pounds. Sean’s weight loss journey has been painful and heroic. The father of three lives in St. Louis, Missouri has been battling alcoholism and drug addiction in his 20s.

Sean is a motivational speaker who tours schools teaching teenagers on effects of drug addiction. He turned to food to cope with his addiction. However, doctors warned he was at risk of developing heart disease or diabetes.

The father of three, Madison, Mackenzie, and Olivia, decided to change his lifestyle. He attributes his weight gain to poor health choices. His meals entailed a Big Mac supersize meal. He also has cellutis since he was in college and has had about 17 infections. He gained 200-250 pounds because of the fluids in his legs.

Sean has lost the first 100 pound and it has changed his life. He hopes to inspire others who are hiding behind the shadow of obesity.

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