If You Spot A Woman Wearing A Ring On Her Pinky Finger, This Is What It Means


It’s become quite a fad, and what it means is quite empowering

#1 The Engagement Ring

Many single women watch their friends get engaged, and admire their beautiful rings. Sometimes it’s hard to think you may never get one.


#2 Self Love

Now women are giving themselves self-love, by getting their own ring and wearing it on their pinky


#3 Celebrate You

Being able to love yourself, independent of having a partner, is a beautiful skill.


#4 Symbol

The pinky ring is now a strong symbol of the self-love a woman has for herself.


#5 Not Just Any Ring

And it’s not just any ring that women are wearing. It’s a special diamond heart ring designed specifically for them.


#6 Contract

The ring comes with a contract that reads “I [insert name], pinky promise to honour myself, to choose myself, to remember myself, on a daily basis.”


#7 Gorgeous

The rings cost about $150 for sterling silver and $325 for yellow, white, or rose gold.

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