Woman taps shoulder of her shirtless partner and a mind-bending illusion results


Oskar and Gasperare a duo of mysterious artists who have a knack for creating beautiful images that will blow your mind. The duo impressed the judges when they auditioned. Weeks later, their enthralling performance keeps everyone at the edge of their seats.

A male and female model walksonto thestage and stands silently. The lights flicker illuminating their bodies. The woman stretches out her hand and touches her partner’s shoulder. What happens next will blow your mind away!

It is like magic; butterflies, lizards, and other natural world visions’ slither around the models’ bodies as they shift positions. It is a welcome distraction from the man’s well-chiseled muscles and abs.

You must admit the illusion is stunning. Even Simon hops out of his seat after their performance. Well, the other judges were impressed too.

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