Woman Saved Dehydrated Pigs By Giving Them Water, Now She’s Facing 10 Years Of Jail! What?!


Animal activists take every animal very seriously, and for one woman, watching the pigs sweat it out inside a hot, sweltering semi-truck on a high-temperature day was just too much. And now she’s charged with a crime. What for? Giving a hot, thirsty pig some water.

While it’s understandable that the man who was responsible for the animals might be upset that a stranger was feeding his cargo something he couldn’t be certain was water, it’s also understandable that you wouldn’t want any animal to suffer – even if you’re going to be eating them afterward. Still, there were many, many pigs in that cargo trailer and she didn’t give all of them water. So, what was the point?

This video was made to call attention to the cruelty that animals endure for the sake of becoming food for human consumption, and this woman certainly has a lot of guts to do what she did. Watch the video, and tell us what you think. Should she be charged with a crime for simply giving a thirsty, over-heated animal some water? Most don’t think so…

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