This Will Give You More Reason To Love Cats. I Find It Too Funny!


We all are created differently. Some of us just love animals while some people do not. Some of us love cats other people do not care about cats at all. Some of us enjoy caring for dogs; other people just do not want them around. Some enjoy grazing cattle, while other people are just content with the meat on the table. Still other people care for cattle and do not want to eat meat; they feel that it is just wrong. All that is what makes us humans.

We are unique creatures capable of making intelligent decisions based on what we observe. Sometimes however, some people do change ones in a while. Something happens when they interact with animals and realise they like the affection or attention they are getting from the animals. From then onwards, everything changes for good. That is what happened in the video below.

The man always thought that cats should never be living with humans. He felt that cats are just nasty and getting in personal space instead of respecting boundaries. Now that is history for him.

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