Will You Have Expected This From A Pregnant Woman? Watch This!


As one of the most liked dancers within YouTube, Sadie Marquardt has garnered over 30 million views in one of her videos.Not long ago, even pregnancy could not prevent her from doing what she loves. Some even said she gave more stunning performances when she was pregnant.

Her pregnant belly dance has received various views from millions and she has fired back at those that think it can hurt her baby. For others, her way of doing things has been an inspiration for discussing societal standards of beauty and image. No wonder different YouTube commenters have shared their different views on how they perceive beauty. What about you? Don’t you think she’s gorgeous?

Birth Adventure reveals a largely undocumented history is associated with belly dance since it’s considered as a pregnancy dance as well as some rite of passage. It dates back several centuries and originated in the Middle East. It mainly featured in private realms that comprised of only women. Women could surround an expectant mother while exhibiting their dance moves encouraging her to join them. Those movements were helpful to the mothers to enable them relax and when it was done during and before pregnancy, it ensured the strengthening of the abdominal muscles so as to enable them to coordinate well during child delivery.

I consider this performance to be gorgeous, se.xy and amazing. What about you? Comment below for us to know your views and don’t forget to SHARE with all your Facebook friends!

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