Quiz: What Is Your Psychological Age? Take The Quiz Below and Find Out.


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Have you ever known someone who just seems to be a lot older, or younger, than either their actual age or what you’d assume it to be? It happens to most of us every now and then, usually because people tend to take the position that you should act as old as you look.

If you are a teenager or an adult, then act like one. However, if you appear to be an adult who acts like a teenager, it’s highly likely that everyone you interact with will think that something is wrong with you! While physical-based judgments may work fine for examining a person’s approximate age in their current life, it doesn’t work so well in determining how old a person’s psychological age is.

Just so we are all on the same page, the definition of psychological age is “the subjective age-equivalent of a person or how old one feels.” Douglas K. Symons defined the term in the Encyclopedia of Child Behavior and Development and he went on to explain that individuals may have a psychological age which is greater or less than their chronological age (from birth). It naturally follows that when someone acts much more mature, or feels older than their actual age, then their psychological age is older. The inverse is true as well, when a person is immature for their age or feels younger, then their psychological age is less than what their chronological age is.

Now that you know more about what psychological age is, what do you think yours is? It’s a hard question to accurately answer on your own, which is why you should take this interesting quiz instead! The questions posed all help to analyze the main colors that captivate and catch your eye the most in a series of beautiful nature photographs. The visual properties that stand out and make you take notice are each correlated with different ages and life stages, so take it now if you’d like to know what your psychological age is! See if your results measure up with what you assumed it to be..

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