Quiz: What Is Your Actual Zodiac Calling? Find Out.


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Just about everyone knows what zodiac sign they fall under, yet for some of us it feels off. While the majority of people have embraced and know everything about their sign, others are not so well attuned to it, instead they just feel distant and disconnected from it all. It’s like the personality type typical of their sign just doesn’t describe them like it should. If this sounds familiar or if you have ever felt that you simply did not belong under your true zodiac sign, the one you were ascribed to by birth, then you need to take this eye-opening quiz!

The zodiac, and astrology in general, is full of deeply personal meanings and connections. Each of the twelve signs are best known for their different strengths, weaknesses, passions, pitfalls, emotions, feelings, and other such types of attributes. All of the plentiful, well-defined aspects can be examined and compared against other signs to see how well they match up and are compatible, or incompatible, with our own personal characteristics. That is what this quiz aims to do. It examines your answers to a series of highly specific, targeted questions and then tells you what sign you actually, really and truly belong under!

The results that you get are based on which one of the four essential element groups you fit in the best overall with. You may end up being matched with air, water, fire, or earth and some people might end up getting their birth-based zodiac element, it all depends on your choices! Even if you get the same elemental group, there are three signs under each and so you may very well be a closer match with one of the other remaining two! There’s an art to narrowing down and calculating these types of things, so take a moment to work through a few insightful questions and see if your results sound more like you. Enjoy!

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