It Was A Usual Wedding Until The Unexpected Happened. What A Rib Cracking Moment!


Exchanging vows at any wedding ceremony marks a new beginning of something special and is a sacred act which has been around for quite some time. The promises that those involved, make, are never taken lightly since they act as a bond until death parts them. It shows that the couple is ready to care for one another irrespective of what they face in their marriage. The promises are then followed by the exchange of rings and then at that point the officiator has the right of pronouncing the two husband and wife.

As long as weddings are considered sacred, welcoming and some bit of humor makes the whole occasion much better. This is a day that family and friends need to celebrate those opening a new chapter in life, there is nothing bad adding some lightheartedness to the ceremony-and this video is a perfect example of that. The groom decided to introduce some slight mishap during the wedding and left the crowd and the bride cracking with laughter.

We have always loved giving our readers something to make them happy and when we came across this video, we considered it worth sharing. We never expected this one coming when it was the groom’s turn to speak. Does this signify a happy marriage in the making?

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