There Is No Way You’ll Be Able to Find The Camflouged Snipers In These Photos!


#1 The Art Of Disguise

The artist, Simon Menner is a master at his craft of camouflage! Can you spot the sniper in this pic? Hint: look on the right behind the piece of wood on the ground next to the second tree. Amazing, right?


#2 The German Military

Menner worked with the German Army to reveal how well one of their snipers could be hidden. Where’s the sniper here? Hint: under the moss cover behind a small tree with a bent trunk on the left of the image.


#3 Spot The Sniper

Do you see the sniper under the left side of the birch tree in the foreground?


#4 Impossible To Find!

There is a boulder in the lower left corner. The sniper is just above it, where the color of the stones changes from light to dark. Can you spot him, is your mind blown?


#5 Somewhere In The Grass..

The sniper here is in the grass, just to the left of the center of the picture.


#6 No Photoshopping Used

Menner says, “First of all, each image contains a sniper, it’s real. . . Whoever has doubts should contact the German Army.” The sniper in this photo is on the right side of the path inside the small shrubs.


#7 A Sniper’s Distance To Target

When examining these pics, we imagine a sniper would rarely set up this close to their target, and further distances would make them even harder to spot. To find the sniper here, look under the twigs and branches on the left.


#8 Snipers Need To Be Invisible

The sniper is behind the young tree sapling, slightly to the left. Do you see him? Amazing but there no trace, right? Even if you look at the image pixel by pixel, BUT Menner stresses that’s how it should be with snipers.


#9 Amongst Boulders

Where? The sniper’s muzzle is visible on top of the two big boulders in the lower right corner.


#10 Heavy Wooded Area

The sniper here is found above and slightly to the right of the brownish, rotten wood. As an artist, Menner hopes to draw a parallel of sniper camouflage and commercial marketing. He’s concerned how ” advertising images are used to influence consumers and their decisions. . . sometimes in ways more hidden than snipers.”

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