WATCH: She Captured Him With Camera Doing This To His Pet. Oh my…


My dog loves the dog park more than life itself. Seriously, it’s like Disneyland. And my dog isn’t the only one.

Here, we see a couple of bystanders who look over their shoulder at the neighborhood dog park, only to find a man and his Golden Retriever leaving. Well, the man wants to leave the park, but the only problem is that his dog is perfectly happy laying in the grass and not moving an inch! She refuses to leave!

Thank God the onlookers decided to turn their camera on, because we get to watch as this poor pet parent tries everything he can to get his stubborn girl to head home. He uses sticks, he uses sweet talkin’ and he even physically tries to move her off the ground — but nothing! I love how the people watching this scene unfold are getting a kick out of it, too.

Then, finally, success! It looks like this guy’s creativity paid off. Could this be any cuter?! What a sweet moment!

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