Her Bag Was Stolen. What She Did In Return? Really Shocking

Being mugged is a highly unpleasant experience that can leave you shocked and wary of everyone around you. This woman handles it better than most people I’ve seen. While she was walking down a deserted alley, a man drove up on his motorbike. He then wasted no time in running up to her and snatching her purse at what appears to be knifepoint.
He hastens away down the alley, but forgets one very important thing. Instead of standing around in shock or running off in fear, this woman took advantage of the situation. Check out the video to see what she does in return for his purse-nabbing.
It is wonderful she was able to slightly turn the situation in her favor, but being mugged can be a very scary experience and can very easily turn sour. The best thing to do is get to safety after an event such as this. It is good to avoid escalating the situation so you can make sure you walk away with your life, even if you lose money, or your purse, in the process.

There isn’t any information included with the video, so the circumstances surrounding it (or whether it’s even real) are unknown. Take a look and see what you think.

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