She Was Walking In Scorching Heat When She Saw A Cage. What She Saw Inside? Heartbreaking.


According to this source, a witness was walking in scorching heat, approximately 80 degrees when she came across a cage with a poor dog locked in without food or water, or shed. The poor dog looked miserable, really and its understandable. Imagine a person caged outside on a hot summer afternoon, the entire world would go crazy, so why not the same reaction for a poor defenseless animal?

This woman, who lives in Slayden Mississippi claimed that she went back the next day only to find the dog still there, under the same conditions. She decided to set the dog free, but the owners refused to cooperate. They have retained the dog and the police won’t do anything about this either. According to the state law (chapter 41, MS CODE 97-41-16, law passed in 2013) this is an offence which is punishable by law.

Take a look at this image

Image Credit: Facebook / Hailei Rochelle

Human or animal, no one deserves to be treated like this. Please SHARE this post so this poor dogs gets rescued from his cruel owners.

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