When This Waitress Was Left A $0 Tip, No One Thought She Would Do Something Like This


Some say tipping is a scam, others would never ever dream of not leaving a tip. But beware if you don’t leave a tip, because this may happen to you.

#1 Would You Give Her A Tip?

Taylar Cordova, is a hardworking, young mother who does whatever it takes to provide for her daughter. She’s a waitress and she depends on tips to make a living.

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#2 She Got No Tip

One day, she served a table that racked up a bill of almost 200 dollars. Her tip? Zero dollars. Taylar was understandably outraged.

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#3 Taylar Makes Below Minimum Wage

Taylar, like most waitresses, makes below minimum wage. This means she desperately depends on the tips in order to survive and provide for her daughter. When she got no tip this time, she decided to do something about it.

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#4 She Posted Her Customer’s Bill On Facebook

Taylar decided to take a stand, not just for herself, but for everyone in the service industry. She posted the bill on Facebook, as well as a message telling everyone how she cries in the shower sometimes because she’s so worried about making enough money.

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#5 She Talks About How It Impacts Her Daughter’s Life

In addition, Taylar told the world in her Facebook post about how the amount of tips she gets dictates how much she can spend on groceries each month, and whether or not she can afford to buy new clothes for her daughter.

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#6 Money Stress Is Real

Everyone who has waited on tables knows Taylar’s struggle. Being a waitress is one of the hardest jobs out there. But we can all understand how it would feel to worry about not making enough money each month.

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#7 This Is Her Facebook Post

This is her full Facebook post that accompanied the picture of the receipt with a tip of zero dollars. Just by reading it over, you can see how emotional Taylar is, and how much this really means to her. Would you give her a tip?

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