Quiz: Only Specific Types Of Introverts Can See The Hidden Images In This Quiz. Can You?



Shy, solitary, brooding, antisocial, reserved, quiet, wallflower; there are many different ways to describe an introvert. That’s because an introvert is the type of person who has a more internal, as opposed to external, focus and world view. They prefer to keep their feelings, thoughts, and emotions to themselves. That’s why they often love being alone and would rather spend time away from hectic scenes. When they do go out to socialize and hang out with other people they don’t enjoy being the center of attention, instead they like to hang back and keep a low profile.

If most or all of the above describes you, then you definitely have the personality of an introvert! The question then becomes what type of introvert are you? You see, over 100 years ago the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung created the term ‘introvert,’ which he used to broadly define and describe in a nutshell how a person with such a personality thinks, acts, and behaves. Based on his initial research and the work of others who came after him, it was determined that there are four distinct types of introverts that a person could possibly fit into.

This quiz will tell you what category you fall under! Because an introvert has very unique personality traits, such as strong analytical and observational skills, they are able to pick up on things that others miss or just don’t see. In addition, each type of introvert tends to notice particular things. For example, some see the finer details in pictures, images, and everyday life, whereas others immediately pick up on the big picture and can decode a deeper message that may be hidden in what they’re viewing. As such, the type that you happen to be can best be determined by your perspective.

According to the quiz site Playbuzz, only certain types of introverts can see the hidden objects in the images that this quiz features because of the special attention they instinctively pay to various details. Whether you are a contemplative, restrained, anxious, or social type of introvert will be determined by both your observational skills and how your brain is hardwired. Try it now and find out which one you are!

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