This Two Kids Blew the Judges Away With Their Performance Once Their Started The Dance! Watch This


It is just amazing the things that children can do well if they are properly taught! On November 10, 2009, a video of a pair of kids dancing was published on YouTube. They were a Russian boy and girl named Juri Kuzinski and Karina Rudnitska, and they looked like they could be no older than five. They were elegantly dressed — he in a wide shirt, dark pants and oxfords, and she in a vivid pink tutu with matching ballet shoes. The couple danced gracefully enough to rival some of the best professional dancers of much greater age.

In particular, the way Juri stood on his head at 0:21 while Karina stood with her back to him and held his feet was amazing. (Of course, children, being much lighter than adults, can perform some feats more easily.) The dancing was accompanied by some gentle music that changed after one minute; one viewer begged to know what song it was.

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