His treasured hat was blown into the river by the wind, then a huge crocodile reponded


Adventure and nature fan and cameraman, Damian Duffy, also adores his cap. Sadly, a gigantic crocodile interfered with that love.

Doesn’t everyone have that heroic affection experience; where a huge reptile interferes with your heart’s wish?Perhaps not!

In this footage, Damian was giving food to a few crocodiles on River Adelaide, in Australia. He had been putting on his new and three weeks old Akubra cap.

Everything was going well for him until a huge gust of air blew over him, and took his cap. Damian could only stare at his hat as it flew off into the river’s dirty, crocodile-infested water.

He possibly thought of leaping in after it; he adored his cap nevertheless.

Sadly, any thoughts of heroism were killed the time a giant crocodile began swimming directly to the cap.

Damian can be heard shouting at the reptile, attempting to have him to swim someplace, but focuses in the hat.

Watch the recording to see what happened next when the crocodile gets to the cap.

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