Tragic News Michael J. Fox Is Losing The Fight Against Parkinson’s


#3 Losing

The very young actor (he’s only 54 years old) is becoming more and more speech impaired. He’s needing increasing assistance. On a recent night out with his wife, the usually reclusive actor had an entourage of helpers around him.

#4 Hearbreaking

About that night in February, a friend said: “It was heartbreaking. Michael’s bravery knows no bounds. But as the disease takes its toll on his body, even he is beginning to see that his battle is a losing one.”

#5 Michael Fox Foundation

Then he adds: “Michael sees every day as a gift, as well as an opportunity to help other sufferers. His Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research has done so much and has raised millions of dollars, but a cure remains well out of reach.”
We wish you the best, Michael!

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