This Is a Disgrace! I Can’t believe What This Video Reveals About The Stores Where We ALL Shop!!!


Many times, people who work at major department stores leave me wondering how they ever got their jobs in the first place. I don’t mind waiting if the person is truly busy, but many times bad workers are just lazy, rude, and careless!

When you get paid by the hour and you aren’t monitored, you tend to think you can get away with a lot more… but beware, someone is ALWAYS watching!

YouTube comedian and prankster Jack Vale decided to reveal some very bad customer service persons who work at a major US superstore. While Jack calls the store to ask if they have certain items in stock, the customer service agents pretend to look before telling him they don’t sell items like printer ink and DVDs.

All this goes down, while Jack’s accomplice films the workers “looking” for these items. Every item Jack asked about was in stock, even though every employee said they weren’t. Hopefully this shocking video will make headlines and certain big retailers will crack down on employees who make the rest look bad.

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