When I First Saw This Video I Thought She Was Attacking The Dog, But Moments Later? CUTE!


A spunkylittle Jack Russell got more than he bargained for when he wrestled with a Jaguar–he got a lifelong friend. Watching them play together makes it obvious that some odd couples are meant to be. Jag was introduced to Bullet, the wonderful dog, when he needed a little extra attention at the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa. Layla, the expert animal handler, knew Bullet was just the canine for the job, as he holds a dominant position with his wild friend. Although Jag is more than three times Bullet’s size, theycavort, nuzzle and wrestle as if they were litter mates.

They tried to separate the pair as Jag got older and grew in mass and strength, but the feline mourned for Bullet, so they had to reunite the playful pair.
The gorgeous, sleekJag also has a deep bond with Layla, his human friend, which is obvious as the big cat thrives on all the attention and care given at the Lodge. Please share!

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