This Pit Bull Saved An Injured Chihuahua… That’s So Amzing


In one of the most beautiful and noble acts done by animals, a pit bull was noticed walking in the streets of Savanah, Georgia. This female dog was carrying an injured Chihuahua, in her mouth. People who care about animals acted immediately and took care of the dog and gave it the name of Chachi. When she was recovered she received a visit from his saver Jonie the pit bull. Both of the animals made great friendship and started enjoying life as best friends.


Neither of the animals seemed to care about other dogs they were exposed to, only each other. The staff said “they truly appear to be soul mates.

They received a huge amount of likes at the time their picture was posted on Facebook.

Both of them were adopted as a family and they will be soon enjoying a sweet life in Florida.

Source: Daily Mail

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