This Homeless Man Put A Christmas Tree Outside His Tent, Now Watch What Strangers Do


This homeless man made his corner festive for the holidays…

#1 Homeless Christmas

John, a.k.a Philly is a homeless man who lives in a tent. But despite living outside in the cold, he still felt the urge to celebrate the holiday season, so he set up a beautiful Christmas tree near his tent in New Orleans.

#2 The Grinches Stole His Christmas

The community around him were excited he was celebrating the holidays despite his bad situation, so they added lights and decorations to his tree. But shortly after, city workers threw his tree in the garbage…


#3 Code Violation

John chased after the truck which took his tree away, and watched it smashed and destroyed. The city explained it was a code violation due to him being homeless. The community began to hear of the horrible incident on social media, and wondered why they would pick on a helpless man who just wanted to celebrate Christmas…


#4 Spirit Of Giving

Hundreds of locals got behind Philly and got him a new tree, with decorations in tow. When asked what Christmas means to Philly, he replied with “helping others.” We couldn’t agree more!

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