They Thought This Dog Was Grieving for Her Owner—Until They Saw What Was in The Grave!


Cemetery workers were shocked to discover what was underneath.

Workers in a Serbian cemetery came across this dog who was behaving rather oddly. She would come back and stay at one specific grave every day. She would stay in the said area for hours, and even spend nights in that specific grave.

Workers believed she was simply grieving for her dead owner—but that wasn’t the case—she was actually protecting something.

The dog had dug a small opening in the grave, leading to a small space wherein she would ‘hide’. When the workers took a closer look—they found something they didn’t expect!

Apparently, the dog just gave birth and had kept her puppies inside that small space. For the first couple weeks after a mother dog gives birth, she stays close to her pups and keeps them company, almost without leaving their side.

Dogs hide their puppies to protect them from potential danger.

She wasn’t mourning lost life, but was actually celebrating new life! The dog and her puppies were rescued and put in a shelter where they were fed and taken care of.

Today, both the mother and her puppies have found new families of their own.

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