They Told Him He Was Going To The Vet. What He Did Next? Best Reaction Ever!


Many of us do not like paying a doctor a visit. Some pets feel exactly that way when time for visiting a vet reaches. Max is the perfect example of that. As revealed by his owner, he always gets very vocal whenever he sees his carrier (it makes him know time for visiting the vet has reached.)

The kind of words which this bird chooses to communicate with his dad can be overheard within this video. He is determined not to go to the vet and even attempts to hide under the table. Though his words are gibberish, the way he sounds is enough to portray his unhappiness.

That prompts the owner to do some explaining to the bird on the importance of paying the veterinarian regular visit. Though the aim of these visits is to make him healthy and happy, he does not want to listen. To ensure his point is put across, he raises his crest. Max’s argument can be likened to that of a kid arguing with a father!
The yelling of this cockatoo is similar to that of a toddler. You will laugh out loud when you watch this.

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