Think They Should Start Opening These Up in The States?


What do you get the dog or cat that has everything? Well, if you’re in Germany, you take your pampered pet and head straight to the Treats In Pets Deli.

This one-of-a-kind restaurant serves up some of the yummiest beef, turkey, and, wait for it, kangaroo meat your best friend will ever eat!

Gourmet treats cost anywhere between $2.24 to $2.99 and yummy cupcakes cost about $4.49, which is moderately priced considering you’re taking your furry family member out to eat! While your pet is snacking on foods that are designed specifically for their own personal nutritional needs, their owners can sip on a nice cup of coffee while they wait. Oh, and of course you don’t have stay there. If you are on the run you can always get take out!

Judging from the pictures below, it looks as though this uber pet-friendly establishment is a hit with the dogs!

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