Animal Photobombs To Make You Smile A Little


These silly animals knew exactly what to say as they photobombed people’s travel pics. Attention hogs…

#1 Zebra Cop

“Alright Sir. Do you know how many stripes you were going back there? OH! You don’t have stripes? Step out the car please.”

#2 Turtle Crasher

“Oh crap! I can’t swim! Take the pic! Take the pic!”

#3 Aussie School of Selfies

“Na girl, THIS is how we selfie down under. Take that dental-exam smile back home before I put your purse in MY purse and let you try to explain that to your mates.” –

#4 Say Cheese

This couple just wanted a cute photo in front of a giraffe, but this giraffe had had enough of being the subject of people’s zoo photos and decided it was time to get a little more personal.

“Deeerrr which filter should I choose? We’re so in love! PPPPPPPPLLL..duuuhhh. That’s how all you guys act. That’s you guys.” -Giraffe

#5 Who’s Laughing Now

This cow really got a kick out of this horse, and this horse just wishes he could get a “kick” out of that smart mouthed cow!

“Gym selfie! LOL” -Cow

#6 Real Professional

Horsing around just got really literal when this four-legged clown got his chance to shine on camera.

“I’m fancy too for no reason! Look how FANCY I am! We’re ALL so fancy! heeehaaawwwheeehawww” -Horse

#7 Ostritch In Stitches

“Hey cowboy! You tryna’ make documentary or play soccer? heee heee hee” – Ostritch

#8 Ultimate Party Crasher

“Hey! Take a picture of me with all those businessmen. Ohh…I’m wearing a tuxedo. I’m SOOO important!”


“HAHA! Did you get it?! Did you get it?!”

#9 Wedding Photo, Huh?

Not on this funny feline’s watch. And he showed the camera just what he thought of this romantic couple’s special day.

“Where my litter b*tch?!”-Cat

#10 Alpaca Rights

Alpaca! Get Down, you’re in the shot!

“Soon.”- Alpaca

#11 Have You Seen My Friend

“Hey, watcha doin? Huh? Huh? Have you seen my friend? Huh? Oh, you’re taking a photo? Want me to help? Huh? Huh? No? Okay, bye!”

“Oh, wait! Is that a tuna sandwich? Hey camera guy, is that a tuna sandwich? Boy I wish I had something for lunch. I LOVE tuna.” – Fish

#12 Who Ya Calling Wild

“I wouldn’t look good in the bridesmaid dress? Oh yeah?! Who looks good now?!” – Bird (in charge of finding the DJ)

#13 A Real Animal House

This little pupster didn’t feel it was right to be left out of the animal house party photo so he took matters into his own hands!

“I ain’t even mad!”- Pupster

#14 Hangin’ Out

“Hey guys, don’t mind me, I’m just hangin’ out!”

“Shut up! That’s a classic! Whatever, hater. You can’t even do cartwheels.” – Sloth

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