This Dad Interrupted The Wedding, What He Did Caught Everyone By Surprise. Watch This!


Not every bride and groom do some good dancing at their special wedding ceremony.These two did.

The last good video was by Niall Donnelly, the singer who decided to shower his bride with love by taking on his “This I Promise You” hit for her right in the middle of the aisle. The internet loves a good kick of love from videos showingtreasured wedding moments. This video makes the same point.

The two lovebirds, Nicole and Kyle, are immersed in the perfect dance infront of the wedding guests when her dad suddenly leaves the crowd for the dance floor. The dance is cut-short and everyone is shocked. I thought he had a grudge with his son-in-law until I knew why he hit the dance floor. You have to watch this video!

They move so incredibly well, and they know their marks too.Whenever such kinds of surprises takes place during a wedding,you’resure of captivating moment whose memory is there to last – How I want to attend such a wedding!

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