Quiz: What Does The Way Perceive See Color Say About Your Personality? Find Out..


You are about to take a QUIZ that will present you with a particular SHADE OF COLOR, and you will be given three choices as to which more dominant color you perceive it to be closest to.  Nine such images will be presented for you to evaluate.

Discerning variations in color is unique to each individual.  COLOR PERCEPTION has a biological underpinning (as it pertains to various levels of color blindness), as well as differential sensitivities to certain aspects of color shades.  These are: tone, opaqueness, texture and saturation.  These characteristics of color can affect hue vibrancy, which in turn can affect our perception of whether it is closest to, for instance: brown, red or orange, or blue,  green or gray.

Another factor that affects the way we see colors is our associations with a particular color, due to the environments and situations in which we have encountered particular hues throughout our lives.  Therefore, colors have a strong impact on our emotional reactions and thoughts when encountering a particular hue, and these factors have been shown to be reflective of many dimensions of our personalities.

Some people may find the color yellow to be uplifting, while others find it jarring, and this may vary with the shade of yellow perceived.  The color blue can alternate between making someone feel down or may be experienced as soothing, depending on it’s tone.  We may not be conscious of what emotion color hues evoke, but there is much evidence in “Color Psychology”, that color is a constant and subtle influence on us, and can reveal an overall outlook on life.

The QUIZ YOU ARE ABOUT TO TAKE BELOW, will analyze how you differentiate color shades, and come to a conclusion about where you fall in three main ways of looking at the world; are you by nature more of an OPTIMIST, PESSIMIST or REALIST.  The quiz is a lot of fun; try to “go with your gut” in responding to each question, as that will yield the most accurate analysis of how you look at the world, according to Color Psychology.  Let us know if your result resonates with how you see yourself.  Enjoy!

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