Clever Teen Does The UNTHINKABLE To Save Kidnapped Baby. Incredible!!


Camryn Wood, 15, became a hometown hero after she helpedrescue an abducted infant. The drama unfolded when she and her father were out for a drive in Lacey, Washington. Camryn received an AMBER Alert on her cellphone that stated a woman had kidnapped her infant son and took off in a 2012 blue Dodge Avenger.

When she looked up, Camryn was stunned to realize the exact car was right in front of them! She told her dad they had to follow the car and called the police. The father-daughter team followed the vehicle until it stopped briefly at a Holiday Inn Express. Police arrived minutes later. The child was unharmed, according to authorities.

Lt. Cliff Ziesener of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office commended Wood for her bravery. “If more people did that, that would be great. The Amber Alert does rely on the citizens to help the police out,” he said.

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