The Underneath View Created By The Floating House Made Me Flip!


Ever imagined sleeping at night surrounded by water while watching shoals of fish which are lazily swimming around you? Though it may sound impossible, it’s a possibility at one remote island of Pemba at a place known as the Manta Resort within the Indian Ocean

Within the resort, you can find an Underwater Room which is 13 ft beneath the surface of water at only $900.

Three levels of distinct experiences are provided by this Swedish engineered floating structure.

A bathroom facility and a lounge area are provided at sea level by the landing deck. The lounging area can be accessed using a ladder which leads there; for star watching during the night and sun worshipping during the day.

Downstairs, glass panes surround a double bed under which one can afford 360 degree views. During night hours, shyer is attracted by the underwater spotlights which are located under every window. This forms an amazing view. Coral has established itself around this underground structure and its anchoring lines. Through the glass panes, you are able to see the Spanish dancers and octopus that are attached to the structure. A unique experience is created by the reef inhabitants who attach themselves to the structure.

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