They Bring The Dog To Prison, And He Takes Off Running. Where He Goes? OMG


Veterans are treasured for the service they gave to this country. They laid their lives on the lives so us Americans can have our freedom and rights. While some don’t make it back alive, others get injured, and sometimes those injuries lead to disabilities. That’s where service dogs come in, to help these veterans lead a normal life.

One of these dogs, called Pax, was trained at a woman’s correctional facility. He is veteran Bill Campbell’s service dog, and he has changed his life for the better. Here in this video, Bill goes to the correctional facility to meet the women who trained Pax to help him, and he is not disappointed. Pax is very excited to see all the familiar faces from his past again, and Bill is very grateful to them for what they do.

They meet the other dogs they are training, and find out it is very fulfilling for the trainers to help veterans through their disabilities. The video has over 300,000 views and is very heartwarming and meaningful to the audience to see that whole ordeal, from watching the training the puppies to seeing the bond between dog and veteran.

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