Teen Locks Girlfriend In Home And Beats Her For Hours, Then A Quick-Thinking Move Saves Her Life


Kelsie’s mind reeled as she tried to think of a way to save herself. She needed to appeal to Jame’s logic. There would be consequences for his actions, she warned.

She asked him many times: “Is this worth going to jail?”

Each time, his stone-cold response was: “I don’t care if I go to jail as long as you’re dead.”

This man isn’t a human being. He beat Kelsie into unconsciousness. She wondered if this was it if she’d die this very night. When James went to use the restroom, she knew this was her moment. James wouldn’t stop short of killing her.

With the last bit of determination she had left, Kelsie located her iPad. The device was almost dead. She found the cable that connected it to the internet. She contacted her mom who responded immediately.

Kelsie’s mom arrived quickly; James, like the wimp he is, ran off. He was later arrested and received a 21-month sentence for the horrors he subjected Kelsie to endure.

He allegedly claimed to have PTSD. from what, who knows. It’s an excuse to seek pity. I have none for him, even if he supposedly regrets his actions.

Hooray for Kelsie for pulling herself up by her bootstraps. She’ll never forget the hell James put her through, but she’s one of the fortunate women who lived to talk about their abuse. She can use this experience to warn others of how much they matter and how important it is to leave a violent relationship before it has a chance to become damaging.


Kelsie illustrates how important it is to always be on your toes, how having a support system can save your life and how you can live again after abuse.


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