Teen Locks Girlfriend In Home And Beats Her For Hours, Then A Quick-Thinking Move Saves Her Life


On this particular evening, James’s rage started in the car on the way back home after a night out. He blamed Kelsie for leaving his jacket behind. He began to rant. Kelsie refused to give him a cigarette. James snapped.

“He said it was my fault,” Kelsie later recounted, “I had left his jacket, then he just flipped  and grabbed me and attacked me.”


James held her hostage for four hours. She had no way of knowing whether she’d make it out alive. in a chilling move, James disconnected the internet, hid her cell phone and other electric cables that would allow Kelsie to reach out for help.

During one horrific moment during her ordeal, Kelsie was pinned to the ground. James knelt on her chest, continuously beating her. James also bit her, spit on her and poured water over her. He also threatened and swore at her.

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