Watch The Ingenious Technique Used By This Pug To Climb Slippery Stairs. So Funny!


It’s very amazing to know how animals can at times be so adaptive. They seem to never lose hope when it comes to finding solutions to problems affecting them. They just keep on trying until they succeed. They are known to be ingenious, persistent and so adorable.

Meet Otto who is a little pug belonging to YouTuber Chris Schnyder. This tiny pup has never found it easy climbing hardwood-floor stairs that are slippery. I’m not sure whether it’s because of his size, his nails’ length or he lacks dexterity. What I’m sure of is that -he is always in problems!

After what I assume to be several attempts, the solution he has always been looking for finally arrives.

The solution he has come up with can be watched here. His success may be covered within this short video but the cuteness it brings about cannot be ignored. This is the really show of persistence, cleverness and intuitiveness within pets.

Otto has a long way to go and a lot to discover but this shows he has what it take to succeed!

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