Police Left In Tears After Discovering 407 Dogs In The Largest Dog Fighting Bust In History


The largest dog fight bust in the US was accomplished by the Humane Society of Missouri, in collaboration with many other partners. Dogs in the fight belonged to owners that enjoyed seeing them fight. They bore scars everywhere on their body, with some areas bearing multiple and multi-layered scars–indicating they were made at different times or during different fights. Some had a missing ear or a missing leg. Some had still fresh wounds.

The Humane Society and Partners aimed to check all dogs left in that horrendous place and see if they can treat them. Dogs would ideally be cared for, and ultimately adopted by loving homes. The fighting bloodline of those dogs would no longer exist in the area, as staff or volunteers try to take away all breeding individuals. These individuals are often dogs that are too weak to continue fighting, so they become used for breeding other fighting dogs.

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