Teacher throws out teen over her dress code, and her dad fires back


13-year-old Demetra Alarcon attends a middle school in California. Her teacher pulled out Demetra out of class because of wearing a short romper. According to the teacher, she was distracting the boys.

Tony, Demetra’sdad brought a new set of clothes which included shorts and tank tops. Sadly, the school officials did not like that outfit too and Demetra went home.

Tony was concerned about her school’s dress code. It was extremely hot and his daughter wore leggings. He described dress code situation on NextDoor.com to get the opinion of others.

Tony received aton of support from the women. One woman said the teen girl reminded her of her body image issues when she was young. Tony felt the school is objectifying and sexualizing teenagers which is completely wrong.

The father-daughter duo hopes their fight will impact the dress code issue.

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