Quiz: Are You a Realist, Idealist, Or Surrealist According To The Way You Perceive Colors? Find Out..


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Colors are a major part of our lives, yet we often overlook just how much they can reveal about our personalities, perceptions, and who we are on the inside. There’s an entire field of study dedicated to exploring and figuring out how different colors affect our attitudes, emotions, and choices throughout our lives. It’s called color psychology and while it’s relatively new, there are already numerous studies which show all sorts of interesting effects that the various shades of color have on human behavior and thinking.

One such finding has to do with how colors are a strong indicator of an individual’s subconscious thoughts and beliefs. As it turns out, what we associate different hues of the light spectrum with can be very revealing as to who we are deep down inside. This quiz uses color psychology to explore how realistic, idealistic, or surrealistic of a person you may be. In the end it tells you which one of these outlooks on life best matches the way you see colors, so try it out and see what you get! For more information, included below is an overview of each of the aforementioned personality types:

When it comes to idealists, they are the people who always look on the bright side of things. Their thoughts are mainly positive and this makes them appear happy, satisfied, and cheerier than the rest of their counterparts. An idealist prefers to think that they’re the one in control of their lives and destiny. Because of this belief they always pursue changes for the better and their attitudes are generally lighter and more care-free.

In comparison, realists look at the world around them, and take everything in it, at face value. They see things for what they truly are and think rationally, preferring to rely on logic and science to make sense of things. Realists take a balanced, non-biased view when evaluating people and situations and assign less importance to their emotions or feelings. Rather, they’re more calculated in determining their thoughts and actions which is why they often make smart decisions.

Surrealists are on a whole different level, they view the world as being full of abstraction. For them, the line between abstraction and reality is blurred. Surrealists use their powerful imaginations to dream up expansive worlds and alternate realities, which in terms of scope and complexity rival our own! They are the artistic and creative types who love throwing themselves fully into projects and who hate being bored.

Which one are you: an idealist, realist, or surrealist? Find out now and take the quiz!

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