Teen Stuns Entire School By Wearing THIS To Prom. Now Watch When Her Date Shows Up . . .


#1 A Unique Prom Dress Idea.

In 2010, Elizabeth Rasmuson was a junior in high school preparing to attend prom with her boyfriend, Jordan. But instead of buying a dress, Elizabeth decided to sew her own gown out of an unlikely material: 5 brand gum wrappers.

#2 Where She Drew Her Inspiration.

Elizabeth told The Associated Press, “I heard about somebody making a dress out of duct tape or something one time so I just was like what’s something cool and I’ve always liked the colors of the ‘Five’ gum.”

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#3 The Dress Making Process:

Elizabeth used a combination of quilting techniques, iron-on interfacing, and a layer of vinyl finish to prevent wrapper breakage.

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#4 She Lost Count.

Elizabeth admits that she lost count of the total wrappers used after 200. Family and friends helped her to collect all the wrappers required.

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#5 Elizabeth And Her Date Both Wore Gum Wrappers To Prom.

Elizabeth even found time to make a matching vest for her boyfriend, Jordan.


#6 Elizabeth’s Mother Was Very Proud.

Her daughter’s fashion statement showed that the girl was artistic, talented, and daring. “In today’s world, a lot of the girls are just worried about fitting in and being like the next girl,” Dawn said.

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