Stranger sees an elderly homeless man sobbing and does the best humanly act


One day Katy Hurst was driving through the Independence, Missouri based Burger King drive- thru when she saw something disturbing. He saw an elderly man who had buried his head in his hands. The man was sobbing and that is when she discovered he was the homeless man he had occasionally seen in the neighborhood.

Though Katy had seen Pops before, it was the first time she had seen him in such a state. As opposed to driving away without doing anything, she stopped her car and took the man’s photo and joined him at the table. It did not take long before he discovered the man was sad and lonely.

The 57-year-old man was going through a lot hardship. He had several broken bones which were way too expensive to treat – that meant he was experiencing a lot of pain.

She then discovered that Pops was praying the moment she saw him. It turned out that Katy was the angel and God had sent to help him.

The clip below has covered what happened next after she went ahead and posted Pops’ photo online.

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