Why You Should Stop Drinking Milk Right Now

If you’re drinking cow’s milk, you might want to read this

#1 What’s In A Glass Of Cow’s Milk

Yes, there’s vitamins and minerals that are good for you, but there’s also acidic animal protein that contains pus cells. feces, antibiotics, creating an imbalance in the body.


#2 Strange

We are the only mammals who drink another specie’s milk and we are the only species who continue to drink milk as adults. Did you know that cow’s milk was not designed for humans to ingest.


#3 Protein And Calcium

Metabolic disturbances are created in the human body due to the fact that there is three times the amount of protein in cow’s milk than human milk. And the 300mg of calcium in the cow’s milk, that is said to be so beneficial to our bodies that we should drink 3 glasses of milk a day is just not true.


#4 The Media Push

The “Got Milk?” campaign has really pushed the benefits of milk while in reality it has been found that milk actually causes calcium loss in our bones. Protein rich foods that are derived from animals, acidifies the pH in our bodies causing calcium to be drawn from our bones. The calcium neutralizes the acid and is then excreted from the body through our urine. This causes a calcium deficit.

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#5 Pasteurization

Pasteurization destroys most of the vitamins and enzymes and makes it harder for our bodies to digest. Most people, 75%, are lactose intolerant, meaning they cannot digest milk. Doesn’t this tell us something?

#6 Bovine Growth Hormone

Bovine growth hormone is a genetically engineered synthetic hormone called rBGH which increases insulin growth factor in our bodies. This is linked to a variety of cancers. Cows eat toxic pesticides that end up in the milk you drink and even though organic milk does not contain rBGH, all the other negative components are still there.


#7 Pro-Inflammatory

Milk is pro-inflammatory and produces mucus in the body increasing your chances of developing a respiratory condition or allergies as well as arthritis. This does not apply to cultured or fermented dairy such as yogurt or kefir.

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